"...Julia Kershetsky gives Helena some sweet fire indeed."
"Watching Kershetsky's controlled and excellent portrayal of Terry Randall was a pleasure."
"Kershetsky displays a beautiful voice in their duet, 'I'll Know,' ... and the two soared in 'I've Never Been In Love Before'."
"Julia Kershetsky playing Marvel Ann is simply a knockout, does not wipe-out, and rides a wave of conceit and revelry straight into our hearts."
"Julia's singing in 'Far From The Home I Love' defies dry eyes."
"I knew nothing of Julia Kershetsky (Hodel) whose spectacular singing voice alone is worth the price of admission."
"...beloved by the audience."
“Julia Kershetsky plays Diana, the opera’s sultry soprano star. Hargus and Kershetsky are hysterically naughty in their parallel illicit trysts.”
"She also has put together a string of sparkling performances at the Candlelight Theater – including “Best of Candlelight.”