Attached you will find bookmarks that include the following tips about how to check in with your voice:

  1. Speaking loudly or over long periods may lead to a voice disorder.
  2. Hoarseness or breathiness may signal a voice disorder.
  3. Stress can lead to forceful voice production, resulting in possible tissue damage.
  4. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate vocal folk, which can make it more difficult to keep them vibrating.
  5. Some medications lead to dehydration of the vocal folds.
  6. Repeatedly clearing the throat or coughing may irritate vocal fold tissues.
  7. Frequent heartburn and a sour taste may mean stomach acids are spilling over into your larynx, which may lead to voice problems.
  8. Smoking is the leading cause of laryngeal cancer.

(from the National Center for Voice and Speech – Bookmarks

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