Every Monday I check the audition websites, just to see what is out there. And pretty much every week I find one or two posts for shows that make me laugh aloud to myself. I hope you enjoy it too:

Elise: A New Musical, written by Jamen Nanthakumar and Liana Wright-Mark and developed through Ryan Scott Oliver’s writing company.  The show takes place in a brothel in 1910 Stockton, California and follows the story of a young girl raised in the house whose mother is found mysteriously smothered in her room.  Elise is an epic, period drama about the struggle between good and evil, and it explores growing up, love, sex and vengeance as Elise enters into the line of work, under the strict guidance of the Madame Vera

-Seeking:  Nellie– To play 30s (flexible).  Elise’s mother.  A whore at the end of her run.  Sick with Syphilis.  Elise is her world and wishes to get her out.  Soprano.

Guys, I don’t know about you but this seems to be right up my alley. This truly seems epic.

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